Moscato Giallo (Yellow Muscat) is member of the great Muscat family of grapes. It can be vinified both in dry and sweet version, its  wines range from straw yellow to golden yellow, always with the typical aromatic outfit.

In South Tyrol - where it is known as “Goldenmuskateller” - is at the base of Alto Adige Moscato Giallo DOC (95-100%). It is possible to find it both in the dry version and in the sweet version.

In Trentino - where it is also known as “Moscatel” or “Moscat” - it has taken root in Vallagarina, especially in the area of ​​Castel Beseno. The reference designation is Trentino Moscato Giallo DOC (100%).

In Veneto - where it is known as “Fior d'arancio” - it is cultivated mainly in the province of Padua, in a hilly area called Colli Euganei. The reference designation therefore could only be Colli Euganei Fior d'arancio DOCG (95-100%).

In Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Moscato is grown in the hilly areas around the Isonzo river, between Gorizia and Monfalcone. Here it is protected by the designation Friuli Isonzo Moscato Giallo DOC (100%).

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