The wine made with grapes of Schiava family is like a shy friend, elusive of every worldliness. Its low profile, its pale red color, perhaps dark pink, remind me of youth, the pleasant companion of every day, always faithful and present.

It is possible to taste it mostly in Trentino and Alto Adige, where three varieties of Schiava survive - Gentile, Grigia and Grossa - that have similar organoleptic characteristics but a different external appearance: Schiava Grigia is rich in pruina (a veil of greyish wax on its surface) while the Schiava Grossa is the one with the largest berries.

In Trentino we find three denominations that enhance it in purity:

  • Trentino Schiava DOC
  • Trentino Schiava Gentile DOC
  • Lago di Caldaro DOC (regional)
  • Valdadige Schiava DOC (regional)

In South Tyrol, despite having reduced its vineyards after the great production of the past, the enhancement of the Schiava is more articulate:

  • Alto Adige Schiava DOC
  • Alto Adige Schiava Grigia DOC
  • Alto Adige Colli di Bolzano DOC
  • Alto Adige Santa Maddalena DOC
  • Alto Adige Meranese DOC
  • Lago di Caldaro DOC (regional)
  • Valdadige Schiava DOC (regional)
Happy wine!