Apulia’s orographic conformation allows to identify 3 macro-areas with specific characteristics: Daunia in the North, Murgia plateau in the center and Salento in the south.

Daunia includes the Tavoliere delle Puglie (the central flat part), the Gargano peninsula and the Apennine belt. Viticulture is practiced only in Tavoliere delle Puglie, an immense plain (the second in Italy) that originated from the lifting of the seabed.

Murgia is a vast hilly plateau, rich in soils and limestone. Its name, in an ancient local dialect, meant “stone”.

Salento is the “heel” of Italy, a flat area between the Adriatic and Ionian seas, embroidered from one side to the other by large expanses of centuries-old olive trees, agricultural fields and vineyards.

In 2018 Apulia counts 4 Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin DOCG and 28 Controlled Designation of Origin DOC.

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