The coast from Venice to Trieste measures about 140 kilometers and outlines a mostly flat territory, closed to the west by the great Venetian lagoons and to the east by the calcareous Karst.

In our ideal trip, starting from Veneto, we meet two important designations that, actually, have sizes that exceed the coastal strip, until into the gravely Treviso plain: they are Piave Malanotte DOCG and Lison DOCG.

Piave Malanotte DOCG enhances a red wine based on Raboso Piave and Raboso Veronese. It is a tannic wine, slightly acidic, structured and with a strong taste, in some ways austere. Lison DOCG, between the two regions, enhances instead a white wine based on Friulano.

Entering Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the designations become smaller and thicken along the Adriatic coast. They include various typologies of wines, based largely on international grapes, both white and black. In order we meet: Friuli Latisana DOC, Friuli Annia DOC, Friuli Aquileia DOC and Friuli Isonzo DOC.

We end our trip in the province of Trieste, corresponding to the designation Carso DOC (or Kras DOC). It enhances a red wine based on the Terrano grapes, with sharp characteristics: a marked acidity accompanied by a low alcohol level.

Happy wine!