The designation Alto Adige DOC winds along the rivers Adige and Isarco, in Trentino-Alto Adige, and is extremely varied. The different soils and slope orientations generate important differences between one area and the other, so that, in order to enhance the relative local specificities, the territory has been divided into six sub-zones.

Alto Adige Val Venosta DOC is located in the easternmost part of the appellation and has a vineyard area of ​​about 42 hectares. Together with the designation name  you will always find the name of one of the vines allowed.

Alto Adige Meranese DOC is obtained exclusively from grapes of the Schiava variety grown in the production area around Merano, covering an area of ​​about 101 hectares.

Alto Adige Terlano DOC enhances the white wines produced in the Terlano area. The vineyard area is about 178 hectares.

Alto Adige Santa Maddalena DOC is made from grapes of the Schiava variety grown on the slopes north of Bolzano, on a surface of 195 hectares. If the grapes come from the vineyards of Santa Maddalena, Santa Giustina, Rencio, Costa and San Pietro, the wine can have the mention “classico” on the label.

Alto Adige Colli di Bolzano DOC is used for the Schiava grapes produced in the area surrounding the Santa Maddalena area, around Bolzano.

Alto Adige Valle Isarco DOC is located in the western part of the denomination. Valorizes almost exclusively white wines, with the sole exception of the wine “Klausner Laitacher”, based on Lagrein, Pinot Nero, Portoghese and Schiava. Together with the designation name you will always find the indication of the vine or the vineyard. The production area is very large, around 329 hectares.

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