Bosco Eliceo DOC

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Bosco Eliceo DOC is a designation of the region Emilia-Romagna unique in the Italian panorama. Its wines are often called “vini della sabbia” (that is “sand wines” in Italian), because of the particular territory where they are produced. In fact it is a part of coastline between the mouth of the river Po and the city of Ravenna that is affected by the proximity to the Adriatic Sea: the salt water, the breeze rich in iodine and the mainly sandy alluvial soil - hence the name “vini della sabbia” - contribute to the production of wines that are known for their liveliness and corpulent savory.

The designation is made up of 4 types of wine, each one depending on a specific grape variety. The most characteristic is certainly Bosco Eliceo Fortana DOC, which is produced with the grapes of Fortana, a black berry vine introduced in this territory in the XVI century. Its particularity, besides that of adapting to a land rich in salt, is that of growing wild, i.e. without the grafting on the American root; this fact has always prevented the spread of Fillossera in these areas.

Wine typologies

Grapes varieties

  • Fortana
  • Merlot
  • Sauvignon
  • Trebbiano romagnolo
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