Casteller DOC

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Casteller DOC is produced in 48 municipalities located in some of the main valleys of the Province of Trento: Valle dell'Adige, Valle di Cembra, Vallagarina, Valle del Sarca and Valsugana. It consists of a blend based mainly on Merlot grapes mixed with other important local vines. Probably due to short-sighted choices, the denomination has almost disappeared: both producers and consumers have therefore focused on other products.


The color is intense and very intense ruby red; the scent is vinous; the flavor is dry, not very structured.


  • registration: 1974 DOC
  • wine category: red
  • carbon dioxide: still
  • residual sugar: dry
Production zone
  • Casteller
Grapes varieties
  • Merlot 50-100%
  • Enantio 0-50%
  • Lagrein 0-50%
  • Schiava Gentile 0-50%
  • Schiava Grossa 0-50%
  • Teroldego 0-50%
Maximum productivity
  • grapes quintals / hectare: 150
  • wine hectoliters / grapes quintal: 70%
  • wine hectoliters / hectare: 105
Minimum alcohol
  • Casteller DOC: 11,0%
  • temperature: 16°C / 61°F
  • glass: medium wine glass
  • longevity: 2-5 years
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