Monica di Sardegna DOC

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Monica di Sardegna DOC is a red wine produced in Sardinia with Monica grapes. Depending on the vinification method it can be either still or sparkling, dry or amabile (a little sweet).

The spread of the Monica grapes throughout the island, but especially in the southern part, took place in the eighteenth century under the Piedmont administration. What happened before then remains still obscure and, in this regard, there are several hypotheses: some people affirm its Moresque origin (hence the synonyms “Morillo” and “Uva Mora” used in some parts of the island), others believe that it was introduced during the Spanish domination (hence other synonyms as "Niedda di Spagna" and "Monica di Spagna"), others consider it a native vine that was firstly cultivated by some monks for the uses of the mass (hence the name "Uva Monaca").


All wine types have a ruby red color, intense and very dark. If drunk young, a clear wineiness could emerge on the nose, making it a little edgy. The aromas are characteristic and can vary from one area to another of the island, depending on the microclimate and the soil. The taste is not overly alcoholic, it is not very tannic, it is sapid and has a characteristic bitter aftertaste. Depending on the residual sugar, it can also be dry or amabile (little sweet).

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  • registration: 1972 DOC
  • wine category: red
  • carbon dioxide: still, semi-sparkling
  • residual sugar: dry, amabile (little sweet)
Production zone
  • region: Sardinia
  • provinces: all the provinces
  • Monica di Sardegna
  • Monica di Sardegna Frizzante
  • Monica di Sardegna Superiore
Grapes varieties
  • Monica 85-100%
  • other local grapes 0-15%
Maximum yield
  • grapes: 150 quintals/hectare
  • wine: 105 hectoliters/hectare
Minimum aging
  • Base: 5 months
  • Semi-sparkling: 5 months
  • Superiore: 10 months
Minimum alcohol
  • Base: 11,0%
  • Semi-sparkling: 11,0%
  • Superiore: 12,5%
  • temperature: 14-16°C / 57-61°F
  • glass: medium wine glass
  • longevity: 2-5 years
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