Pantelleria DOC

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Pantelleria DOC is one of the southernmost designations of Italy as it corresponds to the territory of Pantelleria, an island about halfway between Sicily and Tunisia. Although it is made up of various types of white wine - passito, moscato, fortified, semi-sparkling, sparkling - it has an important common denominator: the Zibibbo grapes.

The territory is very suggestive and particular. The almost constant presence of the wind throughout the year, sometimes impetuous, has forced the winemakers to develop unique forms and methods of cultivation, making wise use of terracing, low walls and basins. The same plants do not grow by climbing on traditional espaliers or pergolas, but they grow like saplings, allowing the bunches to enjoy, as well as the heat of the sun, the same heat released from the ground.

In such situation, the vines of the island have been recognized as a World Heritage Site since 2014. Their heroic cultivation is carried out by a few farmers who, strongly linked to the island's traditions, do not give up the production of its wine, which can be said - literally - kissed by the sun.


  • Moscato di Pantelleria
  • Passito di Pantelleria
  • Moscato liquoroso
  • Moscato spumante
  • Moscato dorato
  • Passito liquoroso
  • Zibibbo dolce
  • Bianco e Frizzante
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