Trentino Marzemino DOC

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Trentino Marzemino DOC is a red wine belonging to the well-known designation of Trentino DOC. It is produced in Vallagarina, a territory that develops around the river Adige and which includes the following municipalities: Ala, Aldeno, Avio, Besenello, Calliano, Isera, Mori, Nogaredo, Nomi, Pomarolo, Rovereto, Villa Lagarina, Volano.

It is made with grapes of Marzemino, a vine that in recent years has found in Vallagarina an ideal habitat for its growth. Its vineyards extend over a wide area between 70 and 700 m above sea level.

Here the climate is alpine, with hot summers, often muggy in the valley floor, and snowy winters. The land in the bottom of the valley is alluvial, fertile, mainly sandy; while on the slopes it is rich in skeleton, of dolomitic and permeable limestone origin.


The color is intense ruby red with violet reflections. The scents bouquet is intense, characterized by fruity notes: violet, plum and wild berries. The taste is dry, flat, not particularly tannic.

Food pairing

Trentino Marzemino DOC is a frank wine, to be drunk young, which pairs well to various tastes and combinations. It goes superbly with many dishes of Trentino cuisine, characteristic to be substantial and tasty, such as polenta with mushrooms and aged Trentino's grana cheese. It also goes well with white meats and elaborate pasta dishes, such as stuffed pasta and lasagna with meat sauce.


Production zone
  • Trentino Marzemino
  • Trentino Marzemino Superiore
Grapes varieties
  • Marzemino (85-100%)
  • other local grapes (0-15%)
Maximum productivity
  • Quintals of grapes per hectare: 130,0
  • Hectoliters of wine per quintal: 0,70
Minimum alcohol
  • Marzemino: 11,0%
  • Marzemino Superiore: 12,5%
  • temperature: 16-18°C / 61-64°F
  • glass: medium wine glass
  • longevity: 2-5 years
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