Trentino Müller Thurgau DOC

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Trentino Müller Thurgau DOC is one of the designations that best represents the homonymous grapes of German origin. The production is mostly concentrated in the narrow Val di Cembra which, with the typically alpine thermal excursions and always optimal solar exposure, has become the ideal habitat for its cultivation. Here the slopes are high, indeed very high: the 900 hectares of vineyards are necessarily organized in terracing between 500 and 700 m above sea level, in a strip that, from the climatic point of view, can easily be defined as a mountain.


Straw yellow with greenish reflections is the color that prevails in this wine. The nose is pleasantly aromatic, with floral (violet), fruity (apple, peach) and vegetable (myrtle, broom, sage) scents. The taste is dry, fresh, sapid, delicate.

Food pairing

I would not hesitate to taste Trentino Müller Thurgau DOC with fish dishes, from that of the lake to that of the sea, accompanied by frying (always fish) or accompanying shellfish and molluscs. If you love Asian cuisine (but not drink the typical fermented or distilled drinks) this wine helps you with its savory and fresh taste.


  • registration: 1971 DOC
  • designation: Trentino DOC
  • wine category: white
  • carbon dioxide: still
  • residual sugar: dry
Production zone
  • Müller Thurgau
  • Müller Thurgau Superiore
Grapes varieties
  • Müller Thurgau 85-100%
  • other non aromatic local grapes 0-15%
Maximum productivity
  • quintals of grapes per hectare: 140, (S) 120
  • hectoliters of wine per quintal: 0,7
  • hectoliters of wine per hectare: 98, (S) 84

(S) = Superiore typology

Minimum alcohol
  • Müller Thurgau: 11,0%
  • Müller Thurgau Superiore: 12,0%
  • temperature: 10-12°C / 50-54°F
  • glass: medium wine glass
  • longevity: 2-5 years
Happy wine!