Trentino Nosiola DOC

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Trentino Nosiola DOC is a white wine produced with Nosiola grapes, the same native vine used for the most famous sweet passito Vino Santo Trentino DOC. It is a simple product that in the last years has been partially abandoned in favor of more “international” wines. They recently are trying to enhance it, especially in the territories where historically is known, in the Valle dell'Adige.

The disciplinary provides, in addition to the basic type, two further types:

  • Superiore, if the wine is aged in the cellar at least 4 months;
  • Vendemmia Tardiva, if the grapes are partially dried on the plant, in order to increase their sugar content.


The color is straw yellow; the scent is delicate, with hints of dried fruit and hazelnut; to the taste it is dry, sapid, slightly bitterish.

Food pairing

Trentino Nosiola DOC should be drunk young, between 10°C and 12°C in medium-size glasses. It is excellent as an aperitif, it goes perfectly with dishes based on freshwater fish, vegetables and white meats.


  • registration: 1971 DOC
  • designation: Trentino DOC
  • wine category: white
  • carbon dioxide: still
  • residual sugar: dry
Production zone
  • Trentino Nosiola
  • Trentino Nosiola Superiore
  • Trentino Nosiola Vendemmia Tardiva
Grapes varieties
  • Nosiola 85-100%
  • other non aromatic local grapes 0-15%
Maximum productivity
  • grapes quintals / hectare: 140, 120 (S)
  • wine hectoliters / grapes quintal: 0,7 
  • wine hectoliters / hectare: 98, 84 (S) 
Minimum alcohol
  • T. Nosiola: 10,5%
  • T. Nosiola Superiore: 12,0%
  • T. Nosiola Vendemmia Tardiva: 11,0%
  • temperature: 10-12°C / 50-54°F
  • glass: medium wine glass
  • longevity: 2-5 years
Happy wine!