Trentino Vino Santo DOC

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Trentino Vino Santo DOC, belonging to the designation Trentino DOC, is a sweet passito wine produced from Nosiola grapes, an autochthonous white-grapes vine typical of Valle del Sarca in Trentino.

The particularity of this wine is in the grapes treatment before the wine-making: they are in fact subjected to a long drying phase, which historically continued until the “holy” week (the week before Easter), giving the name “Vino Santo” (“Holy Wine” in Italian) to the wine. During the drying the Nosiola bunches are laid on special racks of reeds or wire mesh, called “arele”: here they lose about a third of their weight and are attacked by the noble mold Botrytis Cinerea which, under certain conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation, promotes further evaporation of water and the concentration of sugars.

Today the production protocol requires that wine-making never takes place before February and wine can be released for consumption after at least three years. It also provides that the wine can bear the mention “Superiore” when certain conditions occur, which are:

  • the withering must last at least until March;
  • the grapes must be produced exclusively in the municipalities of Calavino, Cavedine, Lasino, Padergnone, Vezzano;
  • the wine must age for at least 48 months before being put on the market.

Trentino Vino Santo lends itself well to long periods of aging, even decades. Be careful not to confuse it with the Tuscan Vin Santo (“Vino” written without “o”), which is made with Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes.


The color is characteristic and attractive, depending on how long the aging has gone, from an intense golden yellow to an intense amber yellow; the scent, in younger wines, those that have undergone a brief refinement, recalls the exotic fruit, while in the most refined products emerge notes of ripe fruit, dates, dried figs; the taste is sweet, full-bodied and very soft. Typical is the almond aftertaste.

Food pairing

Trentino Vino Santo DOC is a sweet wine, therefore it goes very well with confectionery products in general, with blue cheeses and dark chocolate. Among the confectionery products, it is particularly suitable as an accompaniment to Fregoloti alla trentina and Zelten (typical cakes from Trentino), which highlight the typical aftertaste. It is also excellent alone, as a meditation wine.


  • registration: 1971 DOC
  • designation: Trentino DOC
  • wine category: passito white
  • carbon dioxide: still
  • residual sugar: sweet
Production zone
  • Trentino Vino Santo
  • Trentino Vino Santo Superiore
Grapes varieties
  • Nosiola 85-100%
  • other non aromatic varieties 0-15%
Maximum productivity
  • grapes quintals / hectare: 140, 120 (S)
  • wine hectoliters / grapes quintals: 0,3 
  • wine hectoliters / hectare: 42, 36 (S)

(S) = Superiore

Minimum alcohol
  • Trentino Vino Santo: 10,0%
  • Trentino Vino Santo Superiore: 11,0%
  • temperature: 10-12°C / 50-54°F
  • glass: small wine glass
  • longevity: 10-20 years
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