Valdadige Terra dei Forti DOC

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Valdadige Terradeiforti DOC should not be confused with the biggest denomination Valdadige DOC: although it is also distributed along the river Adige, from which it takes its name, it occupies a much smaller area that straddles Trentino-South Tyrol and Veneto. The production area is in fact restricted to a few municipalities near the border: Brentino Belluno, Dolcè, Rivoli Veronese (in the province of Verona) and Avio (in the province of Trento). The toponym “Terradeiforti” recalls the ancient vocation of the area, since the Middle Ages full of castles that had the purpose of controlling the goods flows between the Italic basin and Central Europe.

In this area the vineyards are practically crushed between two large groups of mountains: Mount Baldo to the west, the Lessinia plateau to the east. Mostly sloping, they are characterized by terraces both of alluvial origin and produced by the work of the winemakers. The climate is typical of the pre-alpine belt, with cold winters and cool-temperate summers. The temperatures are subjected, especially in summer and autumn, to high excursions between night and day.

The designation enhances three specific grapes - Casetta, Enantio and Pinot Grigio - that give the name to the relative wine typolgies. In all three cases they are vinified in purity.


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