The grapes bunch


The grapes are the individual fruits of the vine, all together, make up the bunch. Their development follows the cycle of the seasons: they grow in spring from so many small inflorescences and, throughout their growth, they retain a characteristic light green color, due to chlorophyll. At the end of summer, once the final size is reached, they change color until they reach full ripeness.


Also known in Italian as raspo, graspo or rachide, the rachis is the fibrous stem that holds all the grapes in a bunch. It is made up of a central structure connected to the trunk, called peduncle, and many secondary structures, called pedicels, supporting each single grape.

The main substances that make up it are water, wood fibers, resins and polyphenols, mostly tannins. The latter are responsible for the sense of astringency, i.e. dryness and roughness in the front of the mouth, but also of the body and color of the wine. To prevent their dissolution in the must, during the destemming phase, are first discarded.

Do you know...

The weight of the bunch is given by:

  • 94-98% grapes
  • 2-6% rachis
Happy wine!