It would be more correct to use the plural when referring to Lambrusco. It is in fact a rather large family, made up of 11 varieties. Three of them are particularly used, so much so that their wines have gained their own discipline.

The wine made with Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes is the most delicate, has a slightly intense color with violet reflections, almost tending to rosé, in the mouth it is fresh and not very tannic. The reference designation is Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC.

At the opposite extreme in organoleptic terms there is the wine made with Lambrusco Grasparossa. It has a very intense color (always with violet reflections), the aromas are intense and fruity, in the mouth it is quite fresh and tannic. The reference designation is Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOC.

In the middle we find the Lambrusco Salamino, almost as a synthesis between the previous two grapes. The color of its wine is always intense and characteristic, the aromas are elegant, the taste has a good balance of freshness and tannins that do not "jostle" between them. The reference designation is Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce DOC.

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