The mention superiore (superior in English) is given to DOCG and DOC wines which have higher quality characteristics than wines without mention. If provided by the appellation guidelines and - obviously - at the discretion of the winemaker, the superiore wine is obtained when it meets certain more restrictive parameters:

  • grapes yield per hectare at least 10% lower;
  • potential natural alcoholic content of the grapes at least 0,5% higher;
  • total alcoholic content of the wine at least 0,5% higher.

It is possible to find the mention superior together with the mention classico, but not with the mentions novelloand riserva. Therefore the wine name assumes the form indicated in the following diagram:

  • appellation name + superiore + DOCG / DOC + vintage
  • appellation name + mention + specification + superiore + DOCG / DOC + vintage

Some examples of wines with the mention superiore:

  • Valdobbiadene Prosecco superiore DOCG 2015
  • Orvieto classico superiore DOC 2016
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