Itinerary No. 5

wine is tasting

Tasting experience

Describing a living thing, which is wine, is a fascinating experience for everyone. Just a glass, a bottle (full), the healthy appetite of the explorer and it's a done deal. Let's make sure that it is not just a temporary pleasure and try to think of tasting as a magic mirror: on the one hand we, on the other hand, the world where the wine was produced.

In the reflection we see ourselves, with our baggage of subjectivity: we think of the way we perceive a certain physical characteristic, our olfactory memories, the sensitivity to a certain flavor. If we manage to extricate ourselves a bit in our feelings we are already at a good point, but the journey is not complete; do not stop here, to the always good “I like”.

Let's take a step and go through the magic mirror; only in this way will we be catapulted into a fascinating world, made of nature, tradition, production techniques and much more (in brackets: they are also the thematic “itineraries” of this site)! Let's use our senses to the maximum: first the sight, then the smell and the taste. Then we will discover that, in reality, even the sense of touch will not be negligible at all.

In front of the bottle

Let's read the label

Labels are a bit like the covers in books, they have the dual purpose of describing the content and attracting the customer's attention. Some information contained in them is mandatory by law, while other elements, such as graphics and further information about wine, are at the discretion of the winemaker.

Service temperature

If we want to get the right enjoyment from tasting a wine, its temperature is important in order to perceive all the nuances. The right temperature allows in fact to enhance the sensations that could otherwise be masked.

Happy wine!