Let's describe wine


Sapid is synonymous with tasty and this definition, at first glance, could be confusing. When we say that a wine is sapid, we want to highlight the sensation of minerality and salinity that we feel in terms of taste and that is due to the mineral salts dissolved in the liquid.

This tasting feeling, if well balanced, enlivens the whole organoleptic framework, especially the hardnesses. But be careful not to confuse it with freshness, since both sensations favor salivation.

To help you better understand its importance we make a comparison: if we try to imagine the use of salt in a dish, from everyday experience we know that, if used in the right measure, it is a formidable sapidity enhancer, i.e. of flavors. Similarly, a sapid wine, with the right amount of mineral salts, always provides us with an excuse to drink a second sip.

Happy wine!