Let's describe wine

Vivid color

A wine with a vivid, lively, saturated color is a wine in perfect health, that is, free of initial defects, well done but above all well preserved.

In the visual approach, it is important that the vivacity immediately jumps to the eye, in the reflections through the glass, but also observing the nail that is formed by tilting the glass over a white surface. A dull, graying, little saturated shade must always be an alarm bell: it is indeed probable that the wine has been badly preserved and has lost part of its organoleptic characteristics.

Let's pay attention to this assessment, as the vividness is independent of both the wine tone and its intensity; in fact, we hope that, in a red wine, rosé or white well preserved and mature to be drunk, the shades - more or less intense - stand out always vivid to our eyes.

Happy wine!