Service temperature

Red wines

To best enjoy a red wine, its temperature should be in a range between 14 and 18°C (57-64°F). It starts from 14°C (57°F) if it is a young and ready-to-drink wine, like a novello wine, a light red wine not aged, a sparkling red or a little tannic red.

Below, higher temperatures will highlight the organoleptic framework of more complex wines, with a more intense tannin and a few months of aging behind. The softnesses - that are the pleasant sensations obtained by alcohol, glycerine and any residual sugar - will be emphasized to the detriment of the hardnesses - tannins, freshness and sapidity.

In case of further evolved wines, aged in wooden barrels and maintained in the bottle for a long time, the ideal serving temperature is 18 °C (64°F). In addition to shifting the balance further towards the softnesses, the bouquet of scents will be very perceptible and will give us a wide range of perfumes.

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