Pomarolo is a small town of 2,500 inhabitants in the heart of Vallagarina, in Trentino-South Tyrol, lying at the base of Bondone mountain. Even with an economic vocation linked to the nearby industries and services, it maintains important vineyards both in the valley bottom and at the near slopes.

As in neighboring towns, there are two types of terrain. At the bottom of the valley it is alluvial, due to the nearby river Adige, therefore very fertile and suitable for the production of young and fresh wines. On the nearby slopes, behind the town, the soil is of limited thickness and often the rocky substratum of sedimentary origin emerges.

Here, the particular composition of the rock, mainly calcareous and dolomite, the permeability of the soil and the orientation of the slopes allow to obtain more structured and mineral wines.


  • Casteller DOC - Red wine based Merlot (50-100%)
  • Trentino DOC - Red, rosé, white wines based on several grapes varieties
  • Trento DOC - Sparkling white wine based on several grapes varieties
  • Valdadadige DOC - Red, rosé and white wines based on several grapes varieties
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