Rovereto is a town of 35,000 inhabitants located in the center of Vallagarina, in Trentino-Alto Adige. Its vocation is mostly industrial and tourism; viticulture is practiced in the areas of the valley bottom that develop around the river Adige and in a few hilly areas behind the historic center, like that of this photograph.

We can find two types of land that are closely linked to the orography of the territory: the valley bottom and the hills at the base of the mountains. The valley bottom soil, which represents a large part of the vine territory, is of alluvial origin, closely connected to the Adige river, therefore with a texture rich in sand and a rather high fertility.

The wines produced are fresh, lively but not particularly suitable for aging. The hilly lands surrounding those of the valley floor, formed of dolomitic limestone, have a coarser texture, with greater permeability, and allow the production of more structured wines.


  • Casteller DOC - Red wine based on Merlot (50-100%)
  • Trentino DOC - Red, rosé and white wines based on several varieties
  • Trento DOC - White and rosé sparkling wine based on Chardonnay (0-100%), Pinot Nero (0-100%), Pinot Bianco (0-100%), Pinot Meunier (0-100%)
  • Valdadadige DOC - Red, rosé and white wines based on several varieties


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