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Nebbiolo is a local vine among the most famous and appreciated in Italy. If drunk young it has a complex and angular character, in fact it is often used in aged wines, as it is better suited to long maturation and refinement.

It is a very old vine, as to be known in Piedmont as early as the thirteenth century. Although in recent years it has spread even outside Piedmont, in the lower Valle d'Aosta and in Valtellina (Lombardy), where it is at the base of the Valtellina Superiore DOCG and the Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG, it is mainly cultivated in Piedmont, where it gives the best of itself in the Langhe and Roero: vinified in purity is at the base of the great Barbaresco DOCG, Barolo DOCG, Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC, while with the addition of other vines is the basis of equally famous products such as Gattinara DOCG and Roero DOCG.

Nebbiolo is a vine suitable for the production of both young and old wines, with a certain structure and complexity. Generally it is vinified in purity.


The predominant color is ruby red, not very intense, with purple hues. With aging it tends to become garnet red. The aroma is intense and very complex. In young wines emerge floral notes of dried flowers, pinks, violets and predominant fruity notes of cherry, berries, ripe fruit and pear; the vegetal notes are scarce. Notes of pepper, cloves, tobacco and vanilla emerge in aged wines. The taste is intense and very pleasant, characterized by high acidity and sapidity that are adequately softened with maturation and aging. The wine produced is usually structured and very tannic.

Olfactory profile

  • Floral
  • Fruity
  • Vegetal
  • Spicy

Flavor profile

  • Acid
  • Bitter
  • Sapid
  • Tannic


Aosta Valley


  • Alba DOC
  • Albugnano DOC
  • Barbaresco DOCG
  • Barolo DOCG
  • Boca DOC
  • Bramaterra DOC
  • Canavese DOC
  • Carema DOC
  • Colli Tortonesi DOC
  • Colline Novaresi DOC
  • Colline Saluzzesi DOC
  • Coste della Sesia DOC
  • Fara DOC
  • Gattinara DOCG
  • Ghemme DOCG
  • Langhe DOC
  • Lessona DOC
  • Monferrato DOC
  • Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC
  • Piemonte DOC
  • Pinerolese DOC
  • Roero DOCG
  • Sizzano DOC
  • Terre Alfieri DOC
  • Valli Ossolane DOC



  • Brunenta
  • Chiavennasca
  • Marchesana
  • Martesana
  • Melasca
  • Nebieul
  • Nebieu
  • Nebiola
  • Nebiolo
  • Picotener-Picotendre
  • Picoultener
  • Prunenta
  • Spanna
Cultivation zone
  • dize: medium
  • shape: pyramidal, with wings
  • size: medium
  • color: dark violet
  • shooting period: early
  • maturation period: late
  • production: good
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