The specification of the vineyard (vigna or vigneto in Italian) is always followed by the toponym or the traditional name that you want to highlight, that is the name of the land where  the grapes, used to make a certain wine, grow up.

The specification can only be used in the DOCG and DOC (DOP) appellations and is not necessarily related to a single appellation (provided that the relative vinifications are made separately) or to a single winemaker.

The name of the wine foresees the presence of vineyard specification always after the name of the appellation, mentions and sub-zones, as indicated in the following scheme:

  • appellation name + vineyard + DOCG / DOC + vintage
  • appellation name + mentions + vineyard + DOCG / DOC + vintage
  • appellation name + sub-zone + vineyard + DOCG / DOC + vintage

Some examples of wines with the specification of the vineyard:

  • Brunello di Montalcino vigna Loreto DOCG 2011
  • Dogliani Superiore vigna Tecc DOCG 2016
  • Valtellina Superiore Sassella vineyard Regina DOCG 2009
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